Jonathan Lipps

Hi, I'm Jonathan! I'm your scribe for these adventures, but I am not creating them all on my own. I'm not even the DM, so I don't really know what's going to happen before it happens. I'm also only in charge of what my particular character is going to do, so the real "author" of the stories is the entire group of us playing the campaign(s) together. That's what makes D&D so fun---it's a collaborative storywriting experience! That being said, I'll try to indicate if and when someone else wrote the actual words for something posted on this site. Otherwise, you're stuck with me. Oh, and if you listen to the podcast? That's me, too, including the music!

If that ends up not being too awful of an experience, you can always head on over to my website to learn about what I do in "real life" when I'm not failing to produce a Scottish accent for my character. I've got links to other work, creative projects, etc... Check it out!