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S1E6: Acronauem

Oct 9, 2022 18:45 Champions of the Kydemones, episode 6 Read
With a Tehokivi apparently almost in our heroes' grasp, what are they to do? Grab it, and maybe die in some kind of explosive trap? And even if they don't die immediately, how are they supposed to take one of the most powerful known magical artifacts through one of the most bumping known... [read more]

S1E5: Gala a la Eglon

Oct 4, 2022 15:30 Champions of the Kydemones, episode 5 Read
It's party time! This episode answers questions like, who's a good dancer? What's underneath Lord Eglon's palace? And, how pink can a room get before you're reasonably sure it's not a normal type of... [read more]

S1E4: The Black Cornix

Sep 22, 2022 11:43 Champions of the Kydemones, episode 4 Read
Our heroes converse with a bunch of gang members and try not to die, or be died. (How do you like that example of a passive intransitive?) After they make it out of that particular jam (or do they?), it's time to learn a bit more about Evendur and then take care of our fantasy... [read more]

S1E3: Leolin Lost

Sep 21, 2022 13:40 Champions of the Kydemones, episode 3 Read
The party embarks on their first mission: find the lost husband of a famous architect the Kydemones need to help rebuild our Academy. The mission quickly lands us in some of the darker parts of Nauem's Middle City, where drugs and murder apparently run... [read more]

S1E2: Return to Nauem

Sep 20, 2022 06:34 Champions of the Kydemones, episode 2 Read
In this session our DM teaches us some of the finer points about not going into the forest ever, like really ever. But ultimately we all make it to Nauem without dying, otherwise this would be a very short podcast. Once we get there, we learn a bit about what our role among the Kydemones is to... [read more]

S1E1: Call of the Kydemones

Sep 20, 2022 07:12 Champions of the Kydemones, episode 1 Read
We begin the story! This is a rather short one, because while our characters are getting their proverbial sea legs under them, so are the players behind them. We're figuring out how to play and how not to die in the forest. Most of us are successful in the latter, but Orwin almost... [read more]