Fennin Gilear

AlignmentLawful Neutral

Fennin Gilear is the oldest member of his party, but with age comes wisdom. It seems that Fenn has spent some amount of his former life studying language, history, and the healing arts, because he speaks not only his native Monean but also Litou, Ashoni, and Ablim. These days, however, Fenn goes around mostly with weapons of some kind---a crossbow, quarterstaff, and sword. He's laconic, ironic, and a bit dour, with a strong sense of justice but not too much respect for authority (at least not for authority's sake).

Fenn is currently a devotee of the Ishim Mekail, the D'Murge god of battle and war. He doesn't speak much about his past or why he is on the religious path that he is, but to the rest of the party he is an enduring presence and an especially welcome one on the battlefield, bringing healing prayers and a cool head when things get heated.